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Name:Beautiful Decadence
Website:Lux as herself
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My personal LiveJournal is [info]luxbella. The purpose of this journal is to share the graphics and resources (icons, brushes, scans, etc)that I've made.

*Comment. I love feedback and it's ever appreciate.
*Credit. It's always nice that people respect your job.
*Feel free to friend this journal.
*DO NOT take ANY of my graphics or resources and pass them off as your own.
*DO NOT hotlink .jpg images or .zip files.
*DO NOT edit any of my graphics. Textless icons ARE NOT bases for you to take and alter to your liking.
*Have fun, I enjoy making graphics and I hope you enjoy too.

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Comment here if you'd like to be affiliates

*Pictures: Starway
*Texture: Aleksandra-Stock
*Brushes: [info]luxbrush and Phoenix
*Stylesheet: [info]refuted

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